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On the Road With Global Delbarton
Jessica Fiddes

Global Delbarton, a menu of travel and cultural exchange options, is a unique signature aspect of the Delbarton experience. In fact, it is the rare student who hasn't experienced at least one off-campus travel experience by the time he has moved on to college. This summer's options include travel adventures, exchanges, a service mission, and a sports team experience. 

delbarton in africa
delbarton italy trip 2022

Eighty-seven students and fourteen teachers are attending trips abroad with Delbarton during Summer 2024. Director of Global Programs Dan Pieraccini (who will accompany a group to Italy this Friday) recently wrote to his faculty colleagues, "I welcome you to wish them safe travels, and catch up with them when they return to hear more about their incredible experiences."

delbarton in iceland

Here are our Global Delbarton destinations in Summer 2024:

ITALIAN EXPERIENCE 2024 Dates: June 7-22
Country Visited: Italy
Participants: 11 students; Faculty Chaperones: Mr. Stoll, Prof. Del Guercio, Prof. Pieraccini

CHINA TRIP Dates: June 5-June 21
Country Visited: China
Participants: 12 students; Chaperones: Mr. Hu, Dr. Donovan

FRANCE EXCHANGE Dates: June 10-23
Country Visited: France
Participants: 8 students; Faculty Chaperones: Prof. Di Meo, Mme. York, Prof. Pieraccini

GERMAN EXCHANGE Dates: June 6-20
Countries Visited: Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Participants: 4 students; Chaperone: Mr. Conn

Country Visited: El Salvador
Participants: 14 students; Faculty Chaperones: Dr. Carlson, Mr. Majano-Lopez, Mr. White

IRISH EXCHANGE Dates: June 29-July 15
Country Visited: Republic of Ireland
Participants: 2 students; Faculty Chaperones: Frs. Michael and Edward Seton, Dr. Donovan

PORTUGAL SOCCER TRIP Dates: August 11-August 20
Country Visited: Portugal
Participants: 36 students; Chaperones: Dr. Donovan, Mr. Hartle, Mr. Ross, Prof. Del Guercio

Keep an eye on the Delbarton social media channels for updates and photos from these travel adventures. Pieraccini writes to his colleagues, "Hopefully, you can be on this list next year, but wherever you go, don't forget to take a picture with a Delbarton flag and share it!'

delbarton in ireland