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Mr. Paul Shea P'23 Visits Senior AP Macro Classes
Tom Brady

On the last day before spring break, Mr. Brady's AP Macroeconomics seniors were treated to an informative, hands-on lesson about risk arbitrage by Mr. Paul Shea P'23, Managing Director at Raymond James

Using live Bloomberg financial analysis and direct chats with Mr. Shea's trading desk, students assessed the risks, economics, and politics of the Microsoft-Activision deal that has been pending for over a year. "Buy 75 thousand with a 90 top.  We're in motion!"  Four AP Econ sections ("Green Wave Capital") bought 300,000 ATVI shares in total, adding to a similar position purchased last year by the Class of 2022.  Mr. Shea used Bloomberg to analyze the ATVI/MSFT spread, company financials, options, and trends, encouraging the boys to structure arguments and defend their position.  They will certainly track the progress of the deal and Green Wave Capital's trade performance in the months ahead. 

We thank Mr. Shea for creating a "live" trading environment for our students for the fourth consecutive year, for supporting the Ryan Crane Business Center and its Bloomberg technology, and for being a valuable resource for our current and former students.