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Morris Township Police Undergo Tactical Response Training on Campus
Meghan Podimsky

On March 7 and 14, while Delbarton students and faculty were off campus enjoying a two-week spring break, the Morris Township Police Department arrived to conduct critical event response training to enhance the safety of the Delbarton community.  "Whit Burke is the officer who coordinated with the fire department and Morris County Office of Emergency Management to all get together to put this training on," reported Director of Campus Security Scott Carrell.

The purpose of this training was to practice a variety of training exercises as the Department familiarized itself with Delbarton’s campus and academic buildings in an event of a genuine emergency. This is in addition to the many security measures the School already has in place, including professional on-campus security and keycard-only access to all buildings. Delbarton also regularly conducts a variety of fire and lock-down drills as mandated by local, state and federal authorities. 

"It's really exciting to be able to partner with our local emergency services and to be a part of developing a system to protect the Delbarton Community. To see these three departments come together and put a training like this together is something special. I'm looking forward to the next one," said Carrell.

Delbarton salutes the Morris Township PD for always being there when we call and a special thank you to Chief Robert Shearer, Officer Whit Burke and Scott Carrell for organizing this training.