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Olympic Champion Morgan Pearson '11 Returns To Delbarton
Jared Lowy

Olympic silver medalist Morgan Pearson '11 returned to campus in August to share his success with our administration and communications department for the upcoming issue of "Delbarton Today."  During his visit, Morgan expressed his interest in speaking with the students of Delbarton at a morning meeting during the 2021-22 school year.  Today, Morgan returned to a packed FAC, speaking to the students about his journey to the Olympics, spending extra time with the track and swim teams,  as well as sticking around to visit a winter track practice!  Morgan shared his journey from Delbarton to Tokyo, his weekly workout routine (15 miles of swimming, 250 miles of biking and 60 miles of running), and what his diet looks like on a normal week of training.

Morgan participated in two Olympic events, the individual triathlon and the mixed relay event in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  After a difficult individual event, Morgan went on to anchor Team USA, helping them overcome team France to win Silver in Tokyo.  Morgan opened his remarks with a discussion he had with Delbarton Assistant Headmaster Chuck Ruebling '79, "When I spoke with Mr. Ruebling about coming into Delbarton today, he told me he was surprised when he heard I made it to the Olympics because he remembered me as an average goalie for the middle school lacrosse team," said Pearson.  "So, I am here to tell you that you that if you're an average middle school lacrosse goalie you can win an Olympic Silver medal. If you are above average, then you might have a chance at gold!"

Pearson went on to express his thoughts on his time at Delbarton and what the School offers each and every individual who attends the school.  Said Pearson, "one incredible thing about Delbarton, is that you are given above average opportunities, surrounded by above average people. And when you take these opportunities and learn from the people, and use them to push you, you never know where you might end up. For example, when I joined the cross-country team at Delbarton, I never thought it would be the catalyst for an Olympic Medal!"

Morgan finished his speech with some words of wisdom for the students of Delbarton: "set scary goals, put yourself in difficult situations and surround yourself with people who you think are better than you.  More than anything, believe in yourself.  When stuff gets difficult, don't lose the belief, look at the situation as a chance to get better, to come back stronger!  If you have the belief in yourself and the mindset to get better, there is no limits on what you can achieve!" 

After his speech, Delbarton Headmaster Fr. Michael Tidd presented Morgan with the Delbarton Medal, the School's highest honor.  "In honor of Morgan's achievement and the Succisa Virescit spirit that he talked about so eloquently, I'd like to present him with Delbarton's highest honor, the Delbarton Medal."

We thank you for taking the time to visit with the entire school today Morgan and congrats on your Olympic achievements once again.  You can learn more about Morgan and his road to Tokyo in the upcoming issue of Delbarton Today, coming soon!