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Middle States Reaccreditation Update
Dan Szelingowski and Jon Cote, Middle States Internal Coordinators

The Middle States Planning Team, a 32-person team consisting of faculty, staff, students, parents, administrators, alumni, Regents, and Benedictines, led by Internal Coordinators Dr. Jonathan Cote and Mr. Dan Szelingowski, met for a fifth time at the conclusion of the 2022-23 academic year to finalize three objectives for our next Middle States Plan for Growth and Improvement. Two objectives focus on student performance outcomes and one on increasing our organizational capacity to enact change. We invite you to review our 2023 Accreditation Objectives: Academic Integrity, Student Flourishing, and Staff Development & Formation. 

Before departing for summer break, a pair of faculty members from the Planning Team were selected to assemble and lead subcommittees for each of our three objectives. This year, the culminating year of our reaccreditation efforts, Objective subcommittees held their initial meetings on Tuesday, August 22 to begin developing multi-year action plans to achieve our objectives by 2031. 

The Planning Team meets for the sixth time since spring 2022 on Wednesday, October 4 to review drafts of subcommittee action plans. Concurrently, Dr. Cote and Mr. Szelingowski will submit Delbarton’s progress for Technical Review by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools central office staff. Delbarton’s extensive self-study and reaccreditation process culminates with a comprehensive written report and a site visit from Sunday, March 10 - Wednesday, March 13, 2024 by a Middle States Visiting Team of outside educators to validate our work.

We are grateful for the work of our Planning Team members who have been working since Spring 2022 and for those who have volunteered to be a part of objective subcommittees. We also thank the extensive participation we received from many members of the community throughout the data collection and feedback phases of the process. Your input has directly informed the work of the Planning Team in crafting Objectives, and the subcommittees in developing the forthcoming Action Plans, leading Delbarton into the next decade.

Reach out to Mr. Szelingowski or Dr. Cote if you have any questions or concerns about the accreditation process.