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Matthew Bocchi Inspires Students at Morning Meeting
Meghan Podimsky

On November 10, Matthew Bocchi visited Delbarton for Friday's Morning Meeting. After losing his father on 9/11, Bocchi spent years hunting down answers to find any piece of evidence from that tragic day that could answer the long standing question in his mind: did his father jump out of the World Trade Center? As a way to mask the pain of losing his father and other struggles he faced in his life, Bocchi turned to drugs and alcohol until one day, he asked for a sign from his dad asking for his guidance. After getting a very blatant sign, Bocchi knew it was time to make a change. Now in long-term recovery, Bocchi is an author to the first story told by a child of 9/11 titled SWAY and speaks in front of high school audiences throughout the Tri-State area as he continues to tell his story of hope and perseverance.

Matthew Bocchi at Delbarton

Bocchi grew up locally and attended a private high school in New Jersey, one very similar to Delbarton. With a similar upbringing and background to most of our students, he reminded our students to never struggle in silence and speak up in times of hardship. After a stand ovation, Bocchi took questions from the audience and made time for students after his presentation.

Following the high school presentation, Bocchi ventured to Spada Commons to meet with the middle school where he gave a more condensed version of his presentation and personal Q&A. Bocchi's visit left a lasting impact on students as conversations about his presentation continued throughout the day.

Matthew Bocchi at Delbarton

All of us at Delbarton thank Matt Bocchi for speaking to our community and sharing his story.