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Italian 3 Class Trip to the Metropolitan Opera

Una giornata fantastica per i ragazzi di Italiano III! That's right, the Italian III class had a fantastic day on Monday, November 7th, as they rode the bus into New York City to catch Act I of the Metropolitan Opera's new production of Rigoletto. After having viewed a plot summary video and a historical analysis in Prof. DiMeo's class, the boys were able to enjoy this classic Italian opera by Giuseppe Verdi. With the option to read subtitles in Italian or English, the experience proved a delightful one for our young Italophiles.

Then, around lunchtime, the group rode downtown to a Delbarton favorite: lunch at Eataly! An hour just isn't enough time to savor all the delights and delicious Italian products, but the boys sure did try! From pizza to pasta dishes, gelato and porchetta sandwiches, lunch proved the most important meal on that day!