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“In Situ” - AP Preview Exhibition

An exhibition of still-life oil paintings produced by the highly talented Junior class of 2021-22.
One of the principal genres of Western art is the ‘still life’ – essentially, the subject matter of a still life painting includes anything that does not move or is inanimate. As the conclusion to their year-long course, Delbarton’s 2021-22 Juniors were asked to produce from life, a realistic oil painting of a still life composition assembled by art teachers Dom Rodi and Caitlin Servilio. Encouraging individuality of technique, students were tasked to bring the cumulative skills and knowledge they had acquired over the course of 2 years to the fore, (composition, technique, color, texture, light, pattern, etc.), the stunning results of which we are very proud to display to you all. Look out for further works of art from these gifted individuals as they look to complete their rigorous AP Studio Art courses this year!

The 2022-23 Junior Studio Art contributing artists are as follows:

Tea Party - Robert Alexy '23
Fish out of Water - Paul Brady '23
The Table is Set - Grant Dangler '23
Swimming in Color - Sam Gibbons '23
Available for Purchase - Paulino Gin '23
Green and Purple with Envy - Marco Maselli '23
The Green Room - John Mattiola '23
Fisherman’s Solace - Adrian Pierre '23
An Evening’s Decor - Joel Saxon '23
Flea Market - Tyler Vazquez '23

The exhibition will be up in the FAC from September 12 - October 28, 2022.