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Hall of Honor Welcomes Three New Members
Jessica Fiddes

On the evening of October 7, 2022, the Delbarton Hall of Honor welcomed three new alumni inductees: Fr. Edward Seton Fittin, OSB '82, Bernard G. D'Andrea '57 and Michael J. D'Agostino '72. Sadly, Bernie D'Andrea passed away on September 3, 2022, but many of his family members were present to witness his posthumous achievement and his son Guy D'Andrea accepted the honor on his father's behalf.

All three Hall of Honor inductees were celebrated at the Delbarton Alumni Homecoming Hall of Honor Reception in the Fine Arts Center, accompanied by family and friends to share the special night. After an introduction by Alumni Association President John Ferramosca '05, former Association President Chris Bury '91 summarized each new Hall of Honor member's contributions to the School, making special note of Fr. Edward's ultimate 35 year committment both to St. Mary's Abbey and Delbarton. When he spoke, Fr. Edward talked about perspective and seeing the world through unique and differing lenses. Michael 'Dag' D'Agostino recalled the many Homecoming weekends he has enjoyed on campus -- he attended all but two since he graduated in 1972 -- and his fan zone loyalty to the Green Wave athletics program. Classmates from 1957, 1972 and 1982 gathered for group photos, and Dag was spontaneously hoisted aloft by a laughing group of '72 friends. 

Headmaster Fr. Michael Tidd, OSB concluded the ceremony by congratulating our 2022 inductees, and alluded to the Latin root of 'alumnus' (alere, meaning 'to bring up' or 'to nourish'), referencing the nourishing bonds among alumni and the nourishment their connection to Delbarton School provides. 

For the past thirty-eight years, the Alumni Association has honored those members who have distinguished themselves through service to the School and the Association, or who through achievements in their fields have brought credit to Delbarton. This year, we were proud to induct three members who exemplify the traditions of achievement, character, leadership and committment that have made Delbarton an outstanding institution. These three alumni truly were all in

Enjoy these photos from the 2022 Delbarton Alumni Homecoming Hall of Honor Reception, and thank you to all who joined us for last night's very special ceremony on campus.