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Delbarton is Going to China!
Jessica Fiddes

Delbarton is going to China!

A hallmark of a Delbarton education is experiencing a cultural, service or exchange program. Many boys participate in several School-sponsored trips before moving on to their college years, where we encourage them to continue the travel trend we so actively promote. Travel is truly a signture of the Delbarton experience, as is hosting guests from other countries. Symbolic of Delbarton's committment to travel, financial aid is available (see more details below).

Global travel runs like a thread through the fabric of Delbarton throughout the year. In fact, Delbarton families are currently hosting the five young men below from Glenstal Abbey School, Ci. Limerick, Ireland who are pictured with their chaperon Kieran Sparling. The group landed at Newark Airport last Friday night to experience several weeks of full immersion in life at Delbarton, and our students will complete the exchange by visiting Glenstal families this June 2024. 

To educate students about our current Global Delbarton opportunities, on December 6, Director of Global Travel Dan Pieraccini hosted the annual Global Programs Fair where he spoke to students on the power of getting out of their comfort zones. Several moderators also pitched their trips and service missions.

But first, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Dr. David Donovan spoke briefly about the availability of financial aid, including assistance for students not currently accepting tuition financial aid (prioritizing seniors first, then juniors, then sophomores). Donovan made it clear that Delbarton's objective is that every student have at least one travel experience before he graduates from Delbarton. It's good to have a goal! Next came several trip moderators...

Brian Theroux spoke about the BEADS trip to East Africa this June 

Kevin Conn shared news of our annual exchange with a German school. He'll take Delbarton students to Germany, Austria and Switzerland this summer and, this April, a dozen German students will stay with Delbarton host families.

Mike Fitzgerald introduced the Bethleham Farms mission, a weeklong service trip to Appalachia.

Matthew White spoke about the global service trip to El Salvador where students build homes while having  unique cultural and travel experience.

Hong Hu introduced an exciting new option -- two weeks in China this June where students will explore culture, life and food in three Chinese capitals and two coastal cities.

Additional upcoming programs this school year include two Italian options (Rome Study and Italy Classics), a French Exchange and an Iceland Adventure. 


Director of Global Programs & Exchanges Dan Pieraccini concluded the annual Global Programs Fair with a pitch about the power of travel.

As a dedicated world traveler, he has visited 82 countries (and 48 states in the US) and he urged boys to "take a solemn moment" to think about Delbarton's Global Delbarton opportunities and take advantage of them. "When you do, you will know yourself better, you will know your family better, and you will know your country better," he said. "You'll see what a miracle the world is when you step out of your comfort zone." 

Our young men can look forward to many travel, challenge, learning, service adventures ahead and, again, financial aid is available to those who need it. For students and families, all trip and financial aid details are posted on Schoology under 'Global Programs' and 'Resources'. Please email Global Programs Director Dan Pieraccini here with any questions.