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Get your Tickets for the 2024 Delbarton One Acts!
Meghan Podimsky

Step into the spotlight and witness the brilliance of student creativity at the 2024 Delbarton One Acts! From the witty charm of 'The Philadelphia' directed by Donovan Perry '25 to the gripping intrigue of 'The Thief' by Bridget Lomax from Academy of St. Elizabeth, and the thrilling twists of 'The Experiment' by Brent Holland – it's an evening bursting with talent and originality. Secure your tickets now and learn more about our three productions below...

The Philadelphia

Ever felt like you've landed in a twilight-zone state where nothing goes as planned? That's exactly the captivating realm you'll step into with "The Philadelphia." Directed by Donovan Perry '25, this witty and enigmatic tale challenges perceptions and beckons you to explore the unexpected twists of fate in a city where everyone's gotta be somewhere.

The Thief

Accompany a woman and her enigmatic guide as they venture through a dreamlike realm in "The Thief." Crafted by the talented Bridget Lomax from Academy of St. Elizabeth, this gripping narrative unveils layers of intrigue as the protagonist realizes that the world she thought she knew isn't quite what it seems.

An Experiment

Prepare to be captivated as five strangers are thrust into the center of a bizarre experiment in "An Experiment" by Brent Holland. As the plot unfolds, the true essence of each character is laid bare, revealing their deepest selves when push comes to shove.