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Freshman Social Justice Workshop Exposes Exploitation of Foreign Labor
Meghan Podimsky

On April 12th, Delbarton's freshman class paused their regular schedule to participate in their second Freshman Class Social Justice Workshop of the year. These workshops are a cornerstone of the Delbarton experience, providing students with dedicated time to delve into pressing social justice issues. Led by upperclassmen, the workshops aim to educate and inspire younger students on topics crucial to global citizenship. This year, the focus was on the Exploitation of Foreign Labor, shedding light on an issue often overlooked in mainstream discourse.

The Freshman Social Justice Workshop serves as a platform to amplify this commitment, allowing students to engage deeply with topics that may not receive extensive coverage in the standard curriculum. One unique aspect of these workshops is the mentorship dynamic between older and younger students. Upperclassmen, serving as mentors and facilitators, bridge the generational gap by sharing their personal insights and experiences. This mentorship fosters a sense of camaraderie and respect among students, creating an environment where meaningful dialogue can flourish.

Delbarton student presenting at podium in FAC

The day began in the FAC, where upperclassmen welcomed the freshmen and outlined the agenda for the workshop. The Class of 2026 was then divided into smaller groups and embarked on a journey through various discussion stations. Each station, facilitated by teams of upperclassmen, explored different facets of the exploitation of foreign labor.

Delbarton student presenting at podium in FAC

The workshop culminated in a session led by Ms. Alecia Ho-Sang, who shared her personal journey as an immigrant. Her insights offered an impactful conclusion to the day's discussions, reinforcing the importance of empathy and understanding in addressing complex social issues.

Alecia Ho-Sang speaking to freshman class

Through events like the Freshman Social Justice Workshop, Delbarton continues to empower our students to become informed, compassionate, and proactive members of society. By fostering critical thinking and meaningful dialogue, the school cultivates a community dedicated to positive change, both locally and globally.