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Featured AP Artist: Will Ritter '22
Jessica Fiddes

This year, Delbarton is blessed with thirteen artists in the Class of 2022 who shared their work at an AP Art Exhibit in the FAC during the month of February. To give each of these talented young men the audience he deserves, we are highlighting each artist with an excerpt from his Artist Statement, a sample of his art and a link to his digital portfolio.

Our eleventh featured artist is Will Ritter '22 (click here for Will's complete digital portfolio which features vibrant portraits of Delbarton teachers and staff members)...

Will says this about his art in his Artist Statement:

"In an interview with French Elle, the late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent said “I prefer to shock rather than to bore through repetition” – a motto I have tried to make my own over the past five months, and one I hope shows itself in my work thus far. Yet, as my project has been an investigation into the manifestation of personal identity in clothing, perhaps the diversity of identity in itself prevents the repetition that can at times be so lifeless and bland. Still, in some respects I have found beauty in repetition – in the repetition of posture, of style, of pattern – which I hope balances the apparent chaos that coexists in my work.

I began this project with the intention of looking at fashion as an art form, and as with all art, an intimate reflection of a person who hangs it on their walls, or in this case wears it on their body." 

Below is a sample of Will's art: Ms Ho Sang (24"x16" Mixed media). We salute him and his fellow AP Art artists for their exceptional achievements in the arts at Delbarton this year!