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Featured AP Artist: Aidan Nevistich
Jessica Fiddes

This year, Delbarton is blessed with thirteen artists in the Class of 2022 who shared their work at an AP Art Exhibit in the FAC during the month of February. To give each of these talented young men the audience he deserves, we are highlighting each artist with an excerpt from his Artist Statement, a sample of his art and a link to his digital portfolio.

Our ninth featured artist is Aidan Nevistich '22 (click here for Aidan's complete digital portfolio)...

Aidan says this about his art in his Artist Statement:

"Nature draws me in. When I was young, I painted trees and animals I saw outside my window. However, my passion for aquatic life and water always took precedence as subject matter in my notebooks and journals. Throughout middle school, I was able to take a few art classes, but my school and sports schedule would often take up most of my time. Eventually, I met my first challenging art experience during my sophomore year in Mr. Rodi’s visual arts class. I expanded my repertoire by using different mediums such as oil and acrylic paints, pastels, scratchboard, and, even, printmaking. I began to find more concentrated purpose and meaning in my creations that moved beyond doodling.

I am an avid angler, so my works consist of fifteen different freshwater species of fish that I have caught, photographed, and released. My intent is to explore the amazing variety of fish species we have in New Jersey. The various shapes and colors of these fish are juxtaposed against images of their environments. To bring my collages together, I rely on the structure and dramatism of my digital photography. Textural effects are produced using various materials such as colored tissue paper, charcoal, and colored chalk pastel."

Below is a sample of Aidan's art: School of Largemouth Bass (11"x17", Collage: digital images, pastel, charcoal)We salute him and his fellow AP Art artists for their exceptional achievements in the arts at Delbarton this year!