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Delbarton Student Takes Cover Story for Wheels of Time
Meghan Podimsky

Coming from a family-owned business with deep ties to its community, Joe Artiglere '25 is no stranger to work trucks and heavy equipment. With three generations of paving specialists following in the footsteps of founder Mike Artiglere, Rose City Paving got its start in 1960 in Chatham, NJ. "My grandfather used to bring me around with him for the day. I didn't start working full summers until around 12," said Artiglere. This family-owned paving company provides services to a wide area of northeastern New Jersey, covering the tri-county area of Morris, Union, and Essex County.

Joe in front of Rose City Paving truck as a kid

Back in 2021, mid-pandemic, Artiglere was in his family's shop looking through old photos of his grandfather's trucks when he stumbled upon a 1968 Mack R615ST. "“That truck is still around, you know. Still has the same paint," said his grandfather. Hearing this, Artiglere embarked on a journey to hunt down the original truck landing his family's story in Wheels of Time. "I submitted my article because I wanted to share my grandfather's story and everything he and I have done. I thought others would enjoy to hear it," he said.

Rose City Paving Truck

From a picture in his family's shop in Chatham to two months of Facebook searching, the truck was found in Boonton, New Jersey. Artiglere reports in his article, that after finding the truck, the owner was not ready to sell. But, Ariglere didn't give up. Now that he knew where the truck was, he stayed in touch with the gentleman for two years waiting for him to be ready to sell. One day in January 2023, he got the text message he has been waiting for: I'm ready to sell. "I planned a pickup date, got my money from the bank, and went to get the truck before I could think twice!" he exclaimed. On March 4, 2023, Artiglere was able to bring the truck home to his grandfather. "I understand my time here is short, and my time with my grandfather is even shorter, but I make the most of it through the quality time produced from this truck. Along with myself, the hundreds of other truck collectors view these trucks in the same manner: symbols of family, hard work, and dedication."

But, how does a high school student make the cover story of a magazine? "I had heard about the magazine through a friend," he started. "I did not know it would make the cover until they had told me how special it was that a teenager was restoring a truck, then I had a good idea they would put it on the front."

Joe and his grandfather

The Delbarton Community salutes Joe on his cover story in Wheels of Time! You can read Joe's full journey in finding this family truck, by clicking here.

Joe with Wheels of Time Magazine