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Delbarton Hosts Middle States Team Visit in March
Jessica Fiddes

From March 10-13, Delbarton looks forward to a visit from a Middle States Accreditation Visiting Team of outside educators to validate the work of our thirty-two person Planning Team which is led by Internal Coordinators Dr. Jon Cote and Mr. Dan Szelingowki. The plan that results will guide the School for the next seven years, from now until 2031. 

We will welcome four visiting educators to meet with various stakeholders, and review and assess the Delbarton Middle States Plan for Growth and Improvement: Chairperson Mr. Gregory Guldin, St. Andrew’s School (DE), Director of Special Projects; Mrs. Megan Sullivan, Pope John Paul II HS (PA), Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs; Mrs. Kathleen McCarthy, Iona Prep (NY), Theology Department Chair Emerita; and Ms. Carla Turpin, La Salle Institute (NY), English Department Chair.

Delbarton passed the all-important Technical Review in mid-December (well ahead of schedule) and the Planning Team will soon share its multi-year Action Plans designed to achieve these three objectives:

  • Academic Integrity - By the year 2031, Delbarton School will have created a climate and culture that fosters student commitment to and practice of the highest standards of academic integrity.
  • Student Flourishing - By the year 2031, Delbarton School will have better empowered each student to discover and actualize his unique potential, God-given gifts, and place in our community.
  • Staff Development & Formation - By the year 2031, Delbarton School will have policies and practices to recruit, train, and support faculty and staff to deepen their commitment and effectiveness as Benedictine Catholic educators.

On January 29, we welcomed Chairperson Gregory Gulden for his pre-visit which included a campus tour, and early-stage meetings with Fr. Michael and several key administrators; On January 30, the seventh and final Planning Team meeting included faculty and staff members, students, parents, administrators, alumni, Regents, and Benedictines. Cote and Szelingowski continue put the finishing touches on the Delbarton Self-Study document for submission next week.  

Both men are grateful for the assistance of Planning Team members who have been working together on this accreditation process since Spring 2022, while others have generously volunteered to be a part of objective subcommittees. Input and feedback from many community members directly informed the Planning Team's work in crafting the objectives and action plans. The outcome of this hard work and institutional self-reflection will guide Delbarton with focus, purpose and strength into the next decade.

Reach out to Mr. Szelingowski or Dr. Cote if you have any questions or concerns about the accreditation process.