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Delbarton Introduces World Languages and Cultures Course

Hello! Hola! Ciao! Bonjour! Merhaba! Salve!

Choosing a language can be difficult. Who speaks that language? What's the point of a language? What kind of cultures are associated with certain languages? What even is a language, and why are there different ones?

Have these questions often intrusively made their way into your mind in a restful moment? Well, rest assured-- Delbarton's World Languages Department's got you covered. In World Languages and Cultures, a new collaborative course for 7th graders at Delbarton, we seek to explore many of these mystifying issues, while celebrating the diversity of languages and cultures taught in our school, and beyond! 

Primarily taught by Department Chair Dr. Carlson and Director of Global Programs "Prof. P" (Mr. Pieraccini), the course has already brought in a motley cast of faculty guest lecturers from the Language department, English department, and beyond.

Why do we need language? Well, tell that to the boys who had to try and build the tallest marshmallow complete silence?

Written communication is important as well! But you can't use language to write if you can't read! Good thing we had Mr. Flynn come and show us how to perform a close reading, and Mr. Carr to talk about the parts of speech of English, before we jumped into trying to learn them in a foreign tongue!

And boy did we learn how the different languages of the world differ when we participated in the Gameshow and Panel Discussion Bingo Challenge: WHO. SPEAKS. A LANGUAGE? Click here to see some of this panel's discussion inaction!

As the class continues to gather information about how languages differ, relate to one another, and evolve, our 7th graders will need to soon think about creating their own languageone of the major upcoming projects for the class.

And we're just getting started in our discussion of how language works. What about culture, you might ask? Well, after this unit, we'll get into some of the most important parts of culture: stories and folklore, games, and food! For each of these topics, we'll have experts come and tell us about different cultures all around the world and how language relates to each of these topics.

The World Languages and Cultures course is off to a great start, and we look forward to what other amazing moments this new class will introduce to our Delbarton community!