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Delbarton Hosts 42nd Blood Drive
Meghan Podimsky

On April 24, the Delbarton community came together for a noble cause as the school hosted its 41st Annual Blood Drive. From students to parents, alumni to faculty, and friends alike, individuals rallied to contribute to this life-saving initiative, resulting in the collection of over 170 units of blood over the course of 9 hours.

Delbarton students showing off their 2024 blood drive shirts

Among the units collected, ALYX units were also taken. ALYX is a special type of donation wherein donors give only red blood cells while platelets and plasma are returned back to the individual. The ALYX machine allows for the collection of two units of red blood cells during a single donation, effectively doubling the impact of each donor's gift. This innovative approach underscores Delbarton's commitment to maximizing the efficacy of its blood donation efforts.

Throughout the day, donors were provided with a grand spread of sandwiches, fruits, and assorted sweets, graciously provided by our dedicated Delbarton mothers. This nourishment ensured that donors could recuperate and replenish their energy levels after their generous contributions.

Delbarton mothers at 2024 Blood Drive
Delbarton mothers volunteering at 2024 Blood Drive

As donors replenished their energy, they also had the opportunity to engage with the puppies and learn about the significance of becoming puppy raisers for the Seeing Eye. This initiative not only provided comfort and companionship but also fostered awareness about a meaningful way to contribute to the community beyond blood donation.

Delbarton student with Seeing Eye puppy

We salute the numerous student and parent volunteers and coordinators whose tireless efforts made the event possible. Thank you to Delbarton Nurse Deirdre McAuliffe, Campus Ministry Director Matthew White, and the New York Blood Center for their invaluable support in facilitating the smooth execution of the blood drive.

The success of this year's blood drive not only perpetuates Delbarton's longstanding tradition of charitable giving but also serves as a testament to the unwavering spirit of generosity and compassion within the Delbarton community. Each unit of blood collected represents a potential life saved, underscoring the profound impact that collective action can have on the lives of others.

Delbarton students at 2024 blood drive

As Delbarton continues to uphold its commitment to service and philanthropy, the resounding success of the 42nd Annual Blood Drive serves as a poignant reminder of the power of unity and collective goodwill in effecting positive change within our communities.