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Bridging the Gap: 'Delbarton Collegiate' Transitions Alumni to Post-Grad World
Meghan Podimsky

Navigating the transition from student life to the professional world can be daunting. Recognizing this challenge, the Delbarton Alumni Association (DAA) has introduced Delbarton Collegiate, a platform designed to support young alumni during this critical phase of their journey. Through mentorship, networking, service, and social opportunities, Delbarton Collegiate aims to bridge the gap between being a student and entering the post-grad world.

Delbarton Collegiate at Georgetown

The Delbarton journey encompasses four stages: Student, Collegiate, Young Alumni, and Alumni at Large. Delbarton Collegiate specifically targets alumni in the Collegiate stage, providing them with the necessary resources and support as they transition from university life to the professional realm.

Delbarton Collegiate has established chapters at prestigious universities such as Boston College, Villanova, Notre Dame, Georgetown, and Wake Forest, with more chapters set to form in 2024. These chapters serve as hubs for alumni to connect, engage, and support each other as they navigate the challenges of post-grad life.

Delbarton Collegiate at Villanova
Delbarton Collegiate at Boston College

Through Delbarton Collegiate events, underclassmen alumni can connect with their upperclassmen counterparts, fostering a sense of community and providing valuable guidance. Additionally, the Mentorship Program and various Alumni Board Committees offer opportunities for Collegiate alumni to receive advice and support from seasoned professionals in their respective fields.

Transitioning from university life to the professional world is a significant milestone for young alumni. Delbarton Collegiate stands as a beacon of support, offering mentorship, networking, service, and social opportunities to alumni on the Collegiate stage. By bridging the gap between student and post-grad life, Delbarton Collegiate empowers alumni to thrive in their personal and professional endeavors.

For those interested in getting involved with their Collegiate chapter or initiating one at their college, Delbarton Collegiate encourages reaching out to Trip Stockton '20 or John Ferramosca '05.

Delbarton Collegiate at Notre Dame