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Art Teacher Caitlin Servilio featured in Art Gallery
Meghan Podimsky

Teacher and artist, Ms. Caitlin Servilio was featured in a dual art at The Art Establishment in Fountain Hill, PA. The show opened on September 9 and will be closing later this week on October 9. The gallery is set in the Von Hellener Gallery which is a 1,100-square-foot gallery space for solo or group exhibitions.

The show is called “Second Nature” as it features Ms. Servilio and Mr. Joe Canto’s art pieces. Ms. Servilio’s work has a dreamy Surrealism take on the natural world around us while Canto’s work is focused on realistic landscapes, both capturing the artist’s role as an observer of the natural world.

The Delbarton community salutes Ms. Servilio for a job well done! Enjoy some of her pieces from the art show below…