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Archway Features 2nd in Nationwide Yearbook Contest
Dom Rodi

Delbarton’s Archway has been awarded 2nd place in the American Scholastic Press Association nationwide annual yearbook competition! After a full and busy year compiling Delbarton’s yearbook, it is always pleasing to have the efforts of the editors and their team acknowledged in such a fashion.

Congratulations to Archway Moderator Dom Rodi together with editors Robert Maffucci ’22 and Colin Ardise ’22 for their undoubted labor of love and creativity. Perhaps it is best said by quoting from the letter that accompanied the prestigious award certificate:

“Your yearbook shows knowledge in the fields of writing, photography and page design and contains elements/sections of a memorable yearbook that will be treasured for years to come. Congratulations to the editors, writers, photographers, layout/graphic designers, staff and advisor who made this publication possible.”

With such a high standard being set, we look forward even more to seeing the bar raised even higher as we await the 2023 edition!