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AP Artist Spotlight: David Lebowitz '24
Meghan Podimsky

This year, Delbarton has twelve artists in the Class of 2024 who displayed their full Sustained Investigations at the annual AP Art Exhibit in the FAC.

Meet our next student artist, David Lebowitz '24:

ap artist spotlight

"When researching topics for my Sustained Investigation, I looked for ways to bring my passion for sports into my art, as well as my interest in architecture.  This led me to the idea to focus on stadiums," he said in his Artist Statement.

student art work

Using etching scribes and sandpaper, Lebowitz captured the architectural designs of various iconic stadiums across the country. In some of his pieces in his Sustainable Investigation series, Lebowitz employed a technique called Chine Collé. This technique involves using tinted pieces of paper to add color to the print while retaining the etching detail underneath. "And for what I feel is my best work, the Green Monster at Fenway Park, I emphasized detail and realism, taking care to accurately represent the different logos and textures that adorn the stadium and convey its unique history and culture.”

student art work

“I’ve always been amazed by these giant venues, and how each one is different from the next –as from city to city and sport to sport, no two stadiums are exactly alike. For this show, I have works focusing on Fenway Park in Boston, Harvard Stadium in Boston, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, and Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta."

student art work

We salute David and his fellow AP Art artists for their exceptional achievements in the arts at Delbarton this year!