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AP Art Spotlight: Sam Gibbons '23
Meghan Podimsky

This year, Delbarton is blessed with ten artists in the Class of 2023 who shared their work at an AP Art Exhibit currently displayed in the FAC in the month of February. To give each talented young man the audience he deserves, we highlight each artist in our annual AP Artist Spotlight series.

Introducing our fourth featured artist, Sam Gibbons '23.

Sam says this about his art journey in his Artist Statement:

"My love for art primarily stems from trying to express thoughts or emotions that I otherwise feel I don’t have an outlet to convey. I’m grateful that I’ve developed this creative outlet that has taught me to contemplate, understand, and freely express my experiences – good and bad."

In his Sustained Investigation, Gibbons focused on capturing different emotions in a series of portraits. "The question that guided my sustained investigation is, How can I create a visual representation of the way I perceive emotions in people? Through my art, especially in my mark making, typography, and subjects, I encourage my audience to reflect and empathize with various personalities, including the recognition of a range of different emotions and situations," said Gibbons in his Artist Statement.

Enjoy this collection of Sam's art below. We salute him and his fellow AP Art artists for their exceptional achievements in the arts at Delbarton this year! In case you missed the full AP Art Exhibition, click here to watch AP Studio Art Teacher Mr. Dom Rodi's video showcasing each artist's full body of work.