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AP Art Spotlight: Paulino Gin '23
Meghan Podimsky

This year, Delbarton is blessed with ten artists in the Class of 2023 who shared their work at an AP Art Exhibit currently displayed in the FAC for the month of February. To give each talented young man the audience he deserves, we highlight each artist in our annual AP Artist Spotlight series.

Introducing our fifth featured artist, Paul Gin '23.

Paul says this about his art journey in his Artist Statement:

"I took my first art class, Intro to Studio Art, during my winter term of Sophomore year. There, I was introduced to mediums like charcoal, collaging, watercolor, and more. I was also taught perspective, shading, and composition. My progression to Junior year enabled me to learn about new mediums and to really develop techniques."

For his Sustained Investigation, Paul pulled inspiration from lighting in churches, specifically focusing on the way it hits inside the Newark Cathedral. "I wanted to focus on the behavior of light as it passes through the stained glass and illuminates the interior of the Cathedral. Is the light reflected? Scattered? Distorted? How does this light contrast with artificial light (candles and lanterns) from other sources in the Cathedral?" he said.

Enjoy this collection of Paul's art below. We salute him and his fellow AP Art artists for their exceptional achievements in the arts at Delbarton this year! In case you missed the full AP Art Exhibition, click here to watch AP Studio Art Teacher Mr. Dom Rodi's video showcasing each artist's full body of work.