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AP Art Spotlight: Marco Maselli '23
Meghan Podimsky

This year, Delbarton is blessed with ten artists in the Class of 2023 who shared their work at an AP Art Exhibit currently displayed in the FAC for the month of February. To give each talented young man the audience he deserves, we highlight each artist in our annual AP Artist Spotlight series.

Introducing our sixth featured artist, Marco Maselli '23.

Marco Maselli '23

Marco says this about his art journey in his Artist Statement:

"Art has been my passion thanks in part to my father's skillful drawings, his keen interest in art together with his occupation as an architect. One of my father’s major interests, and one that I share, was his love of classic American cars. From an early age, he would take me to car shows and through these visits, I got to admire a myriad of designs and colors. What I have found over a long period of time is that I was drawn to really seeing aspects of cars that others just didn’t see."

His love for cars is what fueled his Sustainable Investigation. From the variety of shapes and different perspectives to the rich colors enhancing the features of these classic American cars became the main focus of his art. "With that in mind, I began thinking about my Sustained Investigation, one where I wanted to feature the iconic colors and details of classic American cars. In referencing my images, I instinctively saw details such as bright reflections and coloration that may be overlooked or unnoticed by ordinary people. My medium, one of a combination of oil pastel and acrylic paint, allows me the ability to achieve my stated goals, in that I can achieve the effects I look for in tandem with specific details."

Enjoy this collection of Marco's art below. We salute him and his fellow AP Art artists for their exceptional achievements in the arts at Delbarton this year! In case you missed the full AP Art Exhibition, click here to watch AP Studio Art Teacher Mr. Dom Rodi's video showcasing each artist's full body of work.

Marco Maselli '23 blue car painting
Marco Maselli '23 painting of a red car
Marco Maselli '23 painting of a yellow car
Marco Maselli '23 blue car painting
Marco Maselli '23 painting of a yellow car
Marco Maselli '23 red car painting
Marco Maselli '23 headlights painting
Marco Maselli '23 painting of a car with flames
Marco Maselli '23 painting of a black car with a yellow car reflecting on it