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AP Art Spotlight: Jack Grbic '24
Meghan Podimsky

This year, Delbarton has twelve artists in the Class of 2024 who displayed their full Sustained Investigations at the annual AP Art Exhibit in the FAC.

Meet our next student artist, Jack Grbic '24:

Jack Grbic Ap Art Spotlight

"I have a passion for architecture," Grbic starts in his Artist Statement. "In middle school, I would take the train to New York City and walk to the American Institute of Architecture in the Village. As I looked up at the skyscrapers, I noticed reflections of other buildings on their glass facades. The reflections reimagined the original structures as unusual, otherworldly forms."

Jack Grbic painting

Taking inspiration from New York City buildings, Grbic's work simplifies abstract architectural forms to create ambiguous depictions of places. He first used photography to capture images exploring reflections, facades, and architectural grids. He then utilized techniques including collage, mixed media, and low-relief to create his pieces.

Jack Grbic painting

"I hope to continue to fuse my interest in architecture with techniques of abstraction to push the boundaries of my creativity," he concludes in his Statement. Enjoy this collection of Jack's art below. We salute him and his fellow AP Art artists for their exceptional achievements in the arts at Delbarton this year!