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2023 #DelbartonTogether Recap
Meghan Podimsky

And that's a wrap on #DelbartonTOGETHER 2023!

#DelbartonTOGETHER is a special two-day celebration of gratitude and giving. After all the strenuous obstacles over the last few years, we have proven our motto “Succisa Virescit” rings true; when cut down, we WILL come back stronger. 

Records were eclipsed in all categories this year and over $70,000 in challenge matches were unlocked, thanks to over 700 alumni and parent gifts. After the 48-hour giving window, our community was able to raise more than $250,000. The kick-off $25,000 Launch challenge was unlocked before #DelbartonTOGETHER officially launched and our Young Alumni answered the call as they unlocked their $10,000 challenge. Our top three Alumni Regional Clubs were Hoboken, New York, and Washington, DC along with an overall  89% increase in alumni donors compared to last year's results.

Thank you to everyone who made a gift during #DelbartonTOGETHER.