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2023 Archway Senior Parent Ads Due Tonight
Jared Lowy

Attention all senior parents:  This is your final call!


DEADLINE: Tonight by 11:59pm

To place an order for a parent ad, please visit the publisher’s website ( and follow the simple instructions*.

* Parents can place an order for a parent ad at any time via the publisher’s website without uploading photos. To do this, please enter TBA in the copy and image boxes on the website when they appear and add in the comments box that your images and copy are being submitted directly to the Archway at a later date. We would ask that you follow up as soon as possible and send your images and copy directly to the Archway at

If you require help with the process of obtaining suitable digital photographs for future uploading to the publisher’s website, we would like to inform you that the Archway will be pleased to scan any hard copy photographs you care to submit. Please note photo limitations: Maximum of up to 8 separate images for full page ads and a maximum of up to 4 images for 1⁄2 page ads.

Because deadlines have to be met regarding the final page count, please note that the date of January 27, 2023 is the ABSOLUTE FINAL DATE for acceptance of ads, meaning that the publisher’s website will close its ordering facility at 11.59pm precisely.

As per last year, EVERY SENIOR WILL BE GIVEN A NAME-STAMPED YEARBOOK FREE OF CHARGE, but additional unstamped copies should be purchased by visiting