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Mission and Beliefs

class of 2023 students


Delbarton School, an independent Roman Catholic learning community guided by the Benedictine monks of St. Mary’s Abbey with their lay colleagues, welcomes diverse young men and develops them as brothers and leaders in lifelong service to God and neighbor, challenging them to build character and pursue excellence by educating the whole person in mind, body, and spirit.




  • That God calls us into this community.
  • That community life forges character, integrity, and respect for all.
  • That God works with us and through us, inviting us into a deeper relationship with Him.
  • That conversation and reflection foster personal growth.
  • In selflessly serving our neighbor and honoring the accomplishments of one another.
  • In the power of love to help us realize our God-given potential.
  • In the importance of seeking truth, beauty, goodness, wisdom, and justice.
  • In the strength of our Brotherhood.
  • In Succisa Virescit: “Once cut down, one will grow back stronger.”
  • That here, we belong.

Profile of a graduate

At Commencement, a Delbarton graduate embarks on a lifelong journey of conversatio (conversion of life) by living out the Hallmarks of a Delbarton Benedictine education.

A Delbarton Graduate...

Glorifies God in All Things

He seeks God in an active spiritual life, through personal prayer and participation in the life of his religious community. [Love of God & Neighbor and Prayer & Worship]

Loves Learning

He is passionate about learning for a lifetime. He thinks critically, works diligently, lives with a sense of purpose, and seeks to acquire, create and communicate knowledge and ideas. [Discipline and Work]

Listens with the Ear of His Heart

He honors Christ’s presence in others through active listening, engages in critical self-reflection and acts with integrity and honor in all aspects of his life. [Listening and Obedience]

Demonstrates Humility and Patience 

He displays resilience, handles adversity with grace, and demonstrates empathy in his relationships. [Moral & Spiritual Development and Humility]

Lives Honorably in His Community 

He honors Christ’s presence in others by upholding the dignity of all people. He serves the common good in his communities, particularly among those in need. [Community & Stability, and Hospitality]

Regards Creation as Sacred and Practices Moderation

He stewards God's creation and cares for his common home. He uses the resources entrusted to him for the good of others as much as for himself. [Stewardship]

Hallmarks of a Benedictine School


These Hallmarks, together with Delbarton’s Mission Statement and Belief Statements, lay out the essentials of Delbarton’s identity and mission as a Benedictine Catholic school.


A Report of the Visiting Team for Accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools