Nurses Corner

  • NOVEMBER 2015

    Posted November 4, 2015

    Are we really ready for winter? Watch for health and safety tips in the weekly enews!

    WINTER SPORTS ARE BEGINNING. Some tryouts begin November 9th!

    All students who are trying out for a sport must have:

    1. The physical exam Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (please complete all 5 pages) completed within 365 days of the sport and on file with the nurse.
    We also request that the Medication Request Form be completed and submitted. This is required for the administration of any over the counter medication including Tylenol and Advil. Students are not permitted to carry their own medication during the school day unless it is an Epipen or Inhaler needed for emergency use.

    2. If the physical is more than 90 days old, the parent is to complete and submit the Health History Questionnaire.

    3. If the student has had any injury the doctor’s note of clearance must be on file with the nurse.

    All students are required to submit a yearly physical. Even if you are not doing winter sport the nurse still needs a physical for you. You will be contacted soon if you are not in compliance.

    Please check under the parent section for SCHOOL FORMS if additional forms are needed for allergy and/or asthma.
    Please keep the nurse informed of injuries and any illness of more than 3 days.
    Students are responsible for corresponding with their teachers and guidance counselor to help them manage extended absence. If you need Insurance Forms for school related injury please let the nurse know. Forms need to be filed within 90 days of the injury.