Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

Abbey Players

Presents a fall play, a winter musical in collaboration with the music department, and a spring one-act play festival featuring student written and directed plays. For those who are more comfortable behind the scenes, the stage crew builds sets, hangs lighting, and ensures the productions run smoothly. Open to all students, grades 7-12.

Mr. Corica, Mr. Bodd, Mr. Theroux, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Blazier


This publication has a long-standing tradition at Delbarton. Open to students in ALL grades 7-12. New members are welcome every day after school in Room T340. The student yearbook is unique because it allows you to leave your mark in the school’s history.

Mr. Rodi

Art Club/Open Studio

Art Studios open Monday through Thursday, 2:45 – 4:00pm. You are encouraged to experiment with various mediums and may work individually or in groups with the supervision of one of the studio art teachers.

Ms. Lopez, Mrs. O’Malley

Aviation Club

The Club investigates many aspects of flight. Topics include, Physics of flight, History of aviation and study of different types of aircraft.

Mr. Devine, Mr. Cocozello

Business and Economics Club

Delbarton’s Business and Economics Club fosters awareness of global economic issues and serves our community by organizing events of interest, sponsoring both internal and national competitions, promoting social responsibility, and improving financial literacy.

Under the club’s umbrella, the following subgroups operate, each directed by student leaders:

  • Entrepreneur Club
  • Euro Challenge
  • Green Wave Stock Exchange
  • Microfinance Club
  • Mr. Brady

    Chess Club & Team

    Meets weekly for one hour after school only during the winter trimester to practice and play chess. Open to all students, grades 7-12 and players of all levels are welcome. Seven members of the club are selected to form a Chess Team that will participate in matches against other schools.

    Mr. Paris


    Delbarton’s newspaper, the Courier, seeks to communicate and celebrate the whole Delbarton experience: arts, athletics, and service. The Courier is also a forum for the constructive exchange of ideas on issues of concern to students and faculty. We always need new writers, artists, and photographers to help us.

    Mr. Wyatt, Mrs. Loveday, Mrs. Brown

    Cricket Club

    One of the world’s most popular games, the Cricket Club is a group committed both to playing cricket and spreading the game to a wider audience around the school. Come join us for informal games throughout the year, either on Lower Abbey field in the spring or outside of Trinity Hall. No experience is necessary.

    Mr. Manno

    Culinary Club

    The Culinary Club teaches students how to make fresh, delicious, and healthy foods. Members will gain knowledge of cooking and cuisine. No experience is necessary for those who would like to create and eat fabulous foods.

    Mr. DelGuercio

    Cycling club

    Offers both road and mountain biking to all students, grades 7-12. The club rides two afternoons a week throughout the year (weather permitting). In addition, instruction is available for students who wish to pursue competitive road cycling.

    Mr. Rosenhaus


    DelbarTech is an organization for students who are interested in computers and networking. The group is open to grades 7-12, and works closely with the school's technology center. Participating students will have opportunities to complete tech projects, work with school support personnel on school needs as well as special events, and grow their knowledge and experience with school technologies.


    Open to students, grades 9-12, the literary magazine’s goal is to encourage creativity in writing, art, photography, musical composition and related areas while publishing these material in an arts journal.

    Mr. Pillette, Mrs. Brown

    Delbarton Angler's Club

    Established in 2015, the Delbarton Angler’s Club coordinates fishing classes, fish-stocking trips, guest lectures, and local and long-distance fishing trips.

    Mr. Fleishman, Mr. Murphy

    Delbarton Literary Artistic & Cultural Club

    Open to all student’s grades 7-12, our mission is to foster appreciation for different cultural forms among our members. We focus on everything from the observance of modern rock music, film and culture to the study of classic forms of art.

    Mr. Brown

    Engineering & Design Club

    Students, grades 7-12, work in groups to complete various engineering and design projects in areas of their personal interest. Groups may also enter state and national contests where they compete against other students.

    Mr. Devine, Mr. Johnson

    Environmental Club

    A “GREENER” WAVE: Being good stewards of creation is a human responsibility. Students (grades 7-12) become informed about environmental abuse and its human impact, seek to raise awareness of these issues across campus, and participate in various conservation, protection, and beautification projects.

    Mr. Theroux

    Film Club

    The Film Club will not simply view cinematic works this year, but will create one as well. The club will be engaging in a spring “film festival” premiere. The club will also study a variety of classic, foreign and independent films.

    Mr. Carr


    Designed to improve public speaking skills, the Speech and Debate Team provides opportunities to compete on the local regional and national levels. All students who join the team are able to compete at their level of interest.

    Fr. Michael, Mr. Bauchan

    The Forum

    An independent political magazine/opinion editorial published monthly. It is run and managed almost completely by students. Students who join can publish write articles on any political, social, or philosophical topic that then go through two rounds of editing. It serves as an outlet for students to express their strongly held opinions in a formal and public manner, and can open discussion about important issues.

    Mr. Conn

    French Club

    Open to all students, grades 7 -12, this club will explore the language and culture of France and other francophone countries through film, trips, and cultural events.

    Ms. Pearsall, Mr. Sanfacon

    Game Design Club

    This Game Design Club is for students who are interested in learning game design and computer science concepts, building games and using the Unity software. Members will learn how to design and create their own projects.

    Mr. Martin

    German Club

    Open to all students, grades 7-12, this club will explore the language and culture of Germany through film, trips, and cultural events.

    Mr. Conn

    Health Education and Response Team (H.E.A.R.T)

    This program will be dedicated to teaching students about health risks, particularly of the cardiac nature, in our everyday lives. We also plan to educate each member on how to perform CPR and how to properly use a defibrillator (AED) so it may come in useful in the event of a cardiac arrest or other serious health risk. Other events and fundraisers planned.

    Mrs. Pereyra R.N.

    History Club

    An organization of students who take interest in subjects germane to the study of history. The club sponsors a number of exciting programs, including trips to the Morris Museum, the Cloisters, Imax Theaters, and Medieval Times. In addition, the club sponsors a series of lectures and movies, which includes pizza, soda, and a movie.

    Mr. Fleishman, Mr. Thompson

    Italian Club

    Open to all students, grades 7-12, who wish to explore the riches of Italian culture, charm and cuisine as well as centuries of history, art, and music. Activities may include visits to the Italian Embassy, marching in the Columbus Day Parade, and frequent dining at fine Italian restaurants.

    Mr. DelGuercio, Mr. Pieraccini

    Latin Club

    Open to all students, grades 7-12, who are studying or are interested in the culture, philosophy, and language of ancient Rome. The aim is to develop an interest in the classics while meeting the social and academic needs of its members who plan and participate in a wide-range of activities to foster these objectives.

    Mr. Linfante

    Math Club

    Students, grades 7-12, complete intra-Delbarton, state, national, and international math contests. These weekly contests challenge students’ math skills in both individual and team settings. Contests are held after school and are an excellent way to sharpen your math skills.

    Mr. Hartle

    Middle School Consortium

    The Middle School Consortium is a group of 10 schools, which sponsor an annual calendar of events to promote student growth. Activities include a spelling bee, general knowledge tournament, problem solving workshop, forensic tournament, tennis, and chess tournament. There is a limited number of students allowed to participate in each event. Announcements will be made during conference block and through daily announcements.

    Mrs. Bonalsky

    Mineralogical Society

    Meets on Thursdays in T331 to learn about collecting minerals, fossils and other aspects of earth science. Field trips to local museums and collecting sites will be planned. Open to all grades,while target is students, grades 7, 8 and 9.

    Mr. Sanfacon

    Model United Nations

    This club, open to all student’s grades 9-12, meets to discuss international government, world geography, foreign policy and the United Nations. Club members debate and compete both here at Delbarton and at conferences held all over the Tri-State area. Delegates to these conference trips are chosen by performance in meetings and workshops.

    Mr. Pulido

    Music Ensembles


    Delbarton has over 40 clubs tailored to the interests of our highly evolved student body. If we don't already have and organization, start your own! Recent additions include a Culinary Club, Green Wave Stock Exchange, and the Delbarton Angler's Club!

    Open to all students, grades 7-12, in a wide variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles, including:

    • Percussion (Mondays 6:00-8:00 pm)
    • Jazz (Tuesdays 5:30-7:30 pm)
    • Clarinet (Wednesdays 6:00-6:30 pm)
    • Saxophone (Wednesdays 5:00-5:45pm)
    • Wind (Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 pm)
    • Abbey Orchestra (by audition Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm)
    • Intermediate Orchestra (Thursdays 7:00-8:00 pm)
    • Schola Cantorum (Chorus on Tuesdays 2:45-4:30pm and Thursdays 5:30-7:00pm)
    • Gothicappella (Fridays 2:453:45)
    • Schola Cantorum (Tuesdays from 2:45-4:00pm and Thursdays from 5:30-7:00pm)

    Mr. Blazier

    Ping Pong Club

    The Ping-Pong club is a winter activity. The club meets once a week in the Gregory Room.

    Mr. Ruebling

    Photography Club

    Learn how to take pictures using a 35mm camera in manual mode. Also learn to develop black and white film and print photographs. Students in the club often support the school publications by providing requested photos. Meets Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 2:45 p.m. in the darkroom, T338. Open to students, grades 7-12.

    Ms. Crapo

    Pro Wave

    Pro Wave is Delbarton's newest publication. It is devoted entirely to sports and is written by students. Pro Wave can be found online.

    Mr. Negrin

    Rock Band Club

    Every Thursday in the band room, bring your drum sticks, bass or electric guitars, and come sing and play your favor pop and rock songs along with other Delbarton musicians! This dynamic group of musicians collaborates to perform throughout the year at morning meetings as well as performing for pep rallies and Delbarton Coffeehouse events.

    Mr. Pieraccini, Mr. Rose

    Rugby Club Team

    Rugby is an exciting sport which includes running, passing, kicking, and tackling. The team will have practices, scrimmages and games. The club is active the spring. No prior experience is needed and all are welcome.

    Mr. Linfante

    Russian Club

    Designed to foster interest in the languages and culture of Russia, and meets on Wednesdays in room T331. Field Trips to Russian neighborhoods or restaurants will also be planned. Open to all grades, the direction the club takes will depend upon those who sign up.

    Mr. Sanfacon

    Science League

    A statewide competition for science students, grades 912, in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Integrated Science. Members are coached throughout the year in preparation for the State Science Day in May.

    Mrs. Bonalsky

    Social Justice Committee

    Delbarton’s Social Justice Committee is a group of juniors and seniors who act as peer leaders to promote awareness of issues of intolerance and economic privilege. The most prominent activity is planning, coordinating, and leading two Prejudice Reduction Workshops for the freshmen each year. Meetings alternate between conference blocks, afternoons, and evenings. Open to juniors and seniors by application.

    Mr. Conn

    Spanish Club

    The Spanish Club is designed to foster interest in the language and culture outside the classroom. It is open to all students, grades 7-12. The club sponsors a variety of activities including trips to Spanish restaurants, Broadway or off-Broadway plays, musicals, museums, and other cultural events.

    Mr. Paris, Ms. Nourie

    Stamps, Coins, and Paper Money

    Open to all students 7-12. Students are encouraged to bring in their stamps, coins and paper money to be identified and graded. Students will learn how to identify coins from around the world, and to grade American coins and paper money.

    Mr. Sanfacon

    Student Alumni Association

    Open to all students, grades 7-12, this association works closely with the Delbarton Alumni Association and provides support for events and activities, including Homecoming, phone-a-thons, and alumni gatherings and dinners. Representatives of this committee will be invited to attend alumni meetings, serve as liaisons between the student body and Delbarton alumni and will enjoy dinners and other benefits for their contributions.

    Mr. Craig Paris ’82

    Team Handball Club

    The Handball Club meets in the gymnasium during the fall term immediately after school. The club meets a couple times a week, you make the 4 o'clock bus, meet new kids, and have a lot of fun.

    Mr. Finn, Mr. Brady, Mr. White

    Trivia Team

    In addition to in-house trivia tournaments throughout the year (one each term), we participate in off-campus tournaments. Team members are selected on the basis of their performance at the in-house competitions held on Tuesdays in room T331. Open to all students, grades7-12.

    Mr. Sanfacon

    Ultimate Frisbee Club

    Clubs & Activities

    The Delbarton Ultimate Frisbee Club is a fun way to be active in the spring and experience a new team sport. This club started a number of years ago and regularly practices after school in the spring season and competes against area schools. To become involved speak to any team member or express interest at the activity fair.

    Mr. Blazier

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