Campus Ministry

As a “school for the Lord’s service” ( The Rule of St. Benedict, Prologue 45), Delbarton’s mission to pursue excellence, develop leadership, and build character by educating the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – is set within the framework of a Roman Catholic and Benedictine culture committed to the promotion of authentically human values.

Enlivened by the Benedictine way of seeking God in worship, prayer, community, and work for the Church, the Campus Ministry Program seeks to help students to have a personal encounter with the Lord, become aware of His love for them, and respond to that love through lives of faith, hope, and charity. Campus Ministry’s efforts fall into four areas: prayer, retreats, service, & leadership.

Retreat Teams and Service Coordinators 2015-2016

Click below to see the list of this year's Retreat Team Leaders and Service Coordinators. Please read the letter from Mr. Hajduk as well. Congratulations to all those who were selected. It is going to be a great year!

Campus Ministry Leadership Letter
Retreat Teams 2015-2016
Service Coordinators 2015-2016


Campus Ministry Focus Areas

  • Prayer

    “Nothing is to be preferred to the Work of God” writes St. Benedict in The Rule (43:3). Prayer is at the heart of the monastic life and so is a vital component of the school’s life. Delbarton seeks to help its students to develop an attitude of awe and reverence in God’s presence, as well as a habit of giving thanks and praise to God, both personally and communally, through prayer and worship. It does this through vibrant liturgies and prayer services.

  • Retreats

    “What, dear brothers, is more delightful than the voice of the Lord calling to us? See how the Lord in his love shows us the way of life.” (The Rule of St. Benedict, Prologue 19-20).Yet, our lives can become so busy with demanding schedules and a wealth of commitments that there can seem to be little time to stop to listen for the voice of the Lord, to ponder life’s most fundamental questions, or to focus on one’s relationship with God and others. For this reason, Delbarton School has “scheduled” time to do just this.

  • Service

    Love of neighbor, grounded in the love of God, is a responsibility that we hold in common and is an expression of the Benedictine charism of hospitality, which welcomes everyone as Jesus Christ (The Rule of St. Benedict, 53:1). Community service at Delbarton has its roots in the philosophy that a person matures only to the degree that he puts others ahead of himself, and is seen as an essential part of the school’s mission to educate the whole person and to graduate students who will have positive impact on society.

  • Leadership

    Campus Ministry utilizes a “peer-to-peer” structure. All programs are student-led, with oversight from the Director of Campus Ministry, School Chaplain, and Faculty Campus Ministers. Each year, based on their exemplary faith, maturity, and involvement in service and retreats, six seniors are appointed as Student Campus Ministers. These students are formed in the spirituality of St. Benedict, pray every day in a style similar to the monks, supervise community service projects, lead the Middle School Day of Recollection, and each directs a student retreat.


  • Mr. David Hajduk

    School Extension (973) 538-3231 x3015
    B.A., Seton Hall University
    M.A., Seton Hall University
  • Mr. Philip Bauchan

    School Extension 973-538-3231 x2306
    B.A., Mt. Saint Mary's University
    M.A., Loyola University, Chicago
    Ph.D., Loyola University, Chicago
  • Ms. Angela Brown

    School Extension (973) 538-3231 x2344
    B.A., University of Vermont
    M.F.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Mr. Kevin Brown

  • Mr. Kevin Conn

    School Extension (973) 538-3231 x2318
    B.A., Williams College
  • Mr. Jonathan Cote

    School Extension (973) 538-3231 x3034
    B.S., The University of Scranton
    M. Ed., Loyola College in Maryland
  • Mr. Jonathan Currie

    School Voicemail 973-538-3231 x2372
  • Mr. Jack Diffley

    School Extension (973) 538-3231 x2369
    B.A., Franklin & Marshall College
  • Ms. Sarah Loveday

    School Extension (973) 538-3231 x2314
    B.A., College of the Holy Cross
    M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School
  • Ms. Elizabeth Mainardi

    School Extension (973) 538-3231 x2382
    B.S., Seton Hall Universrity
    M.A., Seton Hall University
  • Mr. Jesse Mazzola

    School Extension 973-538-3231 x2329
    M.A., Seton Hall University
  • Mr. Dan Pieraccini

    B.A., College of New Jersey
    M.A., Rutgers University
  • Ms. Inmaculada Serrano

    School Extension (973) 538-3231 x2354
    B.S., College of St. Elizabeth
    M.A., Montclair State University
    Operation Smile Moderator
  • Mr. Matthew White

    B.A., College of the Holy Cross

Faculty Campus Ministers:

Ms. Stephanie Almozara
Mr. Philip Bauchan
Ms. Angela Brown
Mr. Kevin Conn
Mr. Jonathan Cote
Mr. Jack Diffley
Ms. Elizabeth Mainardi
Mr. Dan Pieraccini
Ms. Sarah Loveday
Mr. Matthew White

Student Campus Ministers:

Michael Benz
Thomas Lenz
Robert Maguire
Michael Parowski
Derek Speedy
Enrique Zalame


2 19

Sophomore Retreat II

Thru: 2/21/2016
2 22

Benedictine Leadership Training

Location: Gregory Room
10:05 AM
2 24

Junior Day of Recollection

4 1

Sophomore Retreat III

Thru: 4/3/2016
4 4

Benedictine Leadership Training

Location: Gregory Room
10:05 AM
5 13