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The DMG Calendar

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DMG Book Club

Location: Kountze
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
2 9

Faculty Appreciation - Hosted by 7th, 9th, 10th Mothers

2 18

DMG Board Election & Fashion Show Meeting

Location: Vincent House
8:15 AM - 10:30 AM
2 24

Senior Mothers Dinner - Hosted by 11th Grade Mothers

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
2 26

DMG Morning of Recollection

Location: Old Main
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
3 3

DMG Fashion Show Meeting

Location: Vincent House
8:15 AM - 10:30 AM

Mothers' Guild


"The purpose of the Delbarton Mothers' Guild is to encourage the cooperation of Delbarton mothers in promoting the educational, cultural, social and spiritual aims of the school and to provide financial support for its material needs." — DMG Bylaws

The Mothers' Guild conducts two fundraisers annually to support the Delbarton scholarship fund and other school needs, a summer camp fair,spiritual programs including a Lenten Morning of Recollection and Bible study and book discussion groups, and social gatherings. The mothers provide service to the school's blood drive, book distribution, and the elderly monks in the abbey infirmary. They also enliven the campus at homecoming and at Christmas and have a lot fun doing it.

The DMG News

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Delbarton Mothers’ Guild Board, 2015-2016

Moderator - Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB

Executive Board
President - Teresa Maguire
Vice President - Stephanie Hadley
Treasurer - Ellen Wasik
Delbarton Shop Treasurer - Aine Madigan
Delbarton Shop Assistant Treasurer - Megan Bury
Recording Secretary - Lisa McKeon
Corresponding Secretary - Stacy McNamara

Marylyn McLaughlin
Jeanne Finn

Christine McLaughlin

Book Club
Michelle Hsieh
Angela Schroeder

Blood Drive
Julie Miller
Katherine Ungar

Christmas Decorations
Karyn Gasser
Kristen Gilfillan
Lindsay Gannon

Class Mother Coordinator
Susan Gruby

7th Grade Mothers
Chair - Neeta Khubani
Cassie Burke
Maureen Smart

8th Grade Class Mothers
Sue Sylva - Chair
Martha Trevino
JoAnn Cooley

9th Grade Class Mothers
Kathleen Townsend - Chair
Jen Fleury
Tamara Spada

10th Grade Class Mothers
Susan Lodge - Chair
Maria Harper
Carrie Daly

11th Grade Class Mothers
Jennifer Davidson -Chair
Laura Ford
Jenny Cheisa

12th Grade Class Mothers
Sole Anselmi - Chair
Rosemary Braniff
Carolann Catania

Campus Ministry Liaison
Karen Stroud
Stacey Waldis
Mary Allen

Community Support
Carol Bicknese
Patty Huston

Linda Massengill

DAC Liaison
Lisa Castellano

Delbarton Shop
Lisa Carey - Chair
Mary Ketchum – Asst. Chair
Kathy Krell - Apparel Buyer
Ellen Guenther - Accessories Buyer
Karen Walsh - Fine Goods Buyer
Sasi Swami - Web Administrator
Mary Plaza - Co-Web Coord.
Susan Howley - Co-Web Coord.
Leslie Ritardi – Co-Events Coord.
Sharon Romano – Co-Events Coord.

DPGA Liaison
Suzie Maguire

Marylou Colicchio
Stephany Gubler

Hospitality - Onsite
Mary Sieber
Leah Rizwan
Janet Flinn

Hospitality - Offsite
Peggy Gano
Gladys Buckner
Dana Lawlor

Cindy Feeley

Morning of Recollection
Kelly Spada
Carol Heller

New Mothers’ Orientation
Laura Forbes
Vicki Malone

Marylyn McLaughlin

Parent to Parent
Diana Price
Dorian Corcoran
Siobhan Papantonis

Spring Fashion Show
Laurie Georgen
Erin Manahan

Technology Advisors
Stacy McNamara
Sasi Swami

Technology Computer Services
Carol Olson

Ways & Means ~ STYD
Jen Millar
Christina Murphy
Kathleen Smith