Archway Reminder: Time is Running Out!

Posted January 17, 2013

Time is quickly running out! Now is the time to purchase your Archway yearbook at

Several weeks ago the Archway staff received an email from the parent of a 2006 graduate whose yearbook was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. She was very upset because all of her son’s memories from his senior year were literally washed away by the floods. Luckily the editors had a spare copy of the 2006 Archway to share with her and she was very grateful.

Archway editors say, "As the school year approaches its midway point, your son’s school years are slowly disappearing and so is your opportunity to preserve their memories by purchasing a yearbook. We would hate to see any of you or your sons looking back years from now experiencing the same helplessness that the 2006 parent went through. In that case, we wouldn’t be able to help you."

So order your yearbooks today because time is running out!

Parents of seniors have an opportunity to purchase ad space in the book to send a personal message to their sons. The deadline for these purchases and submissions is less than a month away! "There are many parents who have not yet purchased ad space, and we are worried that they will not have time to complete the process by the deadline on February 15," the editors say. Purchase your parent ad pages now!

For detailed instructions on how to purchase a yearbook and/or parent ad space, click HERE.

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