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  • Delbarton has some new club options this year, including Cricket, Aviation and ProWave, our student-run online sports publication.

    Forty-Six Clubs...Or Start Your Own

    Posted September 12, 2014

    Got any spare time? Good, because we know just how you can spend here for photos.

  • Meet our intrepid 7th graders, just back from a survey of invertebrates by the East Gate stream.

    7th Grade Scientists Survey Delbarton Invertebrates

    Posted September 11, 2014

    On September 10, 2014 we heard before we saw a group of 7th graders marching up the hill toward Old Main from the East Gate...

  • Delbarton's 19-game shutout streak has ended, but our 24-game win streak continues.

    Shutout Streak Ends -- Winning Streak Continues

    Posted September 10, 2014

    The two-time defending state champions of the Delbarton soccer team allowed their first goal this week in nearly an entire year, ending an incredible 19-game shutout streak.

  • Guidance Counselor Rick Cimino and a raft full of adventure-loving Delbarton 7th graders run the rapids on the mighty Lehigh River.

    7th Graders Conquer the Mighty Lehigh River

    Posted September 10, 2014

    Last Friday our youngest guys missed the first Morning Meeting of the year but, boy, did they have a good here for photos.

  • Among many other adventures, Bryan Gardiner '15 and Tom Saitta  '15 surfed Australia's coast last summer on Delbarton's exchange with Rosebank College.

    Visit Australia Next Summer!

    Posted September 10, 2014

    Calling all adventurous Delbarton a Rosebank student this winter and your son can spend an amazing month in Australia next summer!

  • Teacher Judy Lee successfully lobbied for an oven in the new Faculty Lounge kitchen...and fellow teachers tease her with a sign.

    Faculty Take New Kitchen For a Test Drive

    Posted September 10, 2014

    What could make a beautiful September morning at Delbarton even more engaging? A scrumptious breakfast prepared in the spanking new Faculty Lounge kitchen. Welcome, and we hope you're hungry!

  • George Schneider ’17 climbs in for the density experiment.

    The Sophomore Density Challenge

    Posted September 9, 2014

    How do you measure the physical density of a Delbarton sophomore? This was the goal of a creative lab experiment conducted today by faculty member Emily Sher and the students in her Grade 10 chemistry classes.

  • Happy 75th Anniversary, Delbarton!

    75th Anniversary is Officially Launched

    Posted September 9, 2014

    On September 8, 2014 an ecclectic cross-section of Delbarton constituencies joined together at a Vespers and Opening Reception event here for photos.

  • From left, Kurt Krauss '81, Br. Paul Diveny, Dan Scott '62, P'95,'96, Mr. John Thompson, John Luke '78, Mr. Mike Rosenhaus '80 and Tim Catlett P'04,'06.

    Trustee Award Winners: Michael Rosenhaus '80 and John Thompson

    Posted September 8, 2014

    These longtime members of the Delbarton faculty/administration were honored at last Friday’s Faculty & Staff Picnic. Delbarton faculty and staff colleagues and their families gave both gentlemen a warm round of applause in recognition of their longtime dedicated service to Delbarton.

  • Teacher Katie Regan and her 7th grade Latin students started the week off with a game. Looking good, gents!


    Posted September 8, 2014

    7th graders and Latin...what a combination. See photos here.

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