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Jules G. Spada ’48


Frank D.Visceglia ’60


Lee S.Trumbull ’58


Rev. Manus Duffy,O.S.B. ’60
Joseph K. Pagano ’63
W. Norman Scott ’64


Edward F. Broderick ’50
D. Peter Keller ’65


Edward J. Dwyer ’64
John F. Sanfacon ’57
Louis P. Thebault


F. Daniel Foley ’50
Carmine J. Galdieri II ’57
Robert C. O’Mara ’60


James M. Corroon ’57
Frank A. Delaney
Rev. Giles P. Hayes,O.S.B. ’56


Rev. Stephen W. Findlay,O.S.B.
William F. Sittmann ’67
Joseph R. McDonough ’68


Robert B. Collins ’56
William O. Regan


Brian T. Fitzgibbon ’74
Rev.Kenneth H. Mayer,O.S.B.
William J. McFadden ’59


Edward J. Butera ’56
Harvey C. Jones, Jr. ’70
Skip Livera ’63


Kary W. Antholis ’80
Rev.Adrian McLaughlin,O.S.B.


Daniel T. Scott ’62
James E. Nugent ’69
W. Michael Murphy, Jr. ’67


Kevin T.Kenny ’78
Robert E. Mulcahy III
Boyd A. Sands ’55


Elizabeth T. & John G. Gilfillan III
Anthony M. Nugent ’74
Peter L. O’Neill ’59


E. Pat Brady ’70
David F. McBride ’65
Rev. Peter J. Meaney ,O.S.B.


C. Sean Closkey ’85
Donald L. Criqui
Robert L. Sheridan ’81


Lawrence H. McLernon ’57
J. Craig Paris ’82


John F. Conner ’53
Hilda Maloney
Bill Smith ’63


Abbot Brian H. Clarke,O.S.B.
Eugene "Doc" Doherty ’54
J. Brian Thebault ’69


Right Reverend Thomas J. Confroy,O.S.B.
Ronald P. Mealey ’50
William J.Waldron III ’65


Brian E. Fleury
John P.“JP” Flynn ’86
Richard L.Wade ’61


Patrick Henry ’57
Richard W. Herbst
George H. Miller, Jr. ’52


Michael A. Ferguson ‘88
John E. Luke ‘78


James J. McGough ‘49
John C. Traynor ‘79
Andrew W. Verhalen ‘74


James A. Ferrante, Jr. ‘75
Keith D. Kulper ‘70
Rev. Bruno A. Ugliano, O.S.B.


Kurt W. Krauss ‘81
Peter Pizzi ‘71
Anthony Passarelli


Thomas A. Caputo '57
Thomas J. Luby '72
James G. Petrucci '82


Martin S. Flaherty '77
Dr. Roy L. Horton
Jon E. Krawczyk '88


Taylor Price '04
Michael J. Slattery '59
Rev. Beatus T. Lucey, O.S.B.


Derek J. Maguire '90
Wayne Gardiner
Frank D. Visceglia, Jr. '85


Stefan A. Howells '86
James J. Maguire P'79, '82, '86
Charles R. Ruebling '79


Craig Paris

Craig Paris

Class of 1982
Director of Alumni & Development, Squash Coach
Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell

Class of 2008
Associate Director of Capital Campaign
Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

Class of 1981
Capital Campaign Director
Valerie Conroy

Valerie Conroy

Manager of Advancement Services
Jessica Fiddes

Jessica Fiddes

Director of Communications
Harry MacCormack

Harry MacCormack

Digital Content Manager
Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez

Assistant Campaign Director, Trustee Liaison
Rembert Reilly

Rembert Reilly

Vice President of External Affairs
Maria VanKirk

Maria VanKirk

Director of The Delbarton Fund
Heidi Williamson

Heidi Williamson

Assistant to Director of Alumni and Development

President's Page


Welcome, brothers.

Let me begin with these words I learned from Fr. Giles as a student 25 years ago -- and I shared with you at the September Reps Dinner.

“If you think you’re finished, you are. You can never plateau; you can never stop climbing, nor stop improving yourself. There’s always more to learn, another talent to develop. If you think you’ve reached the top, you’re on the way down. “

This was a promise we as an Alumni Board made to all of you at that time. And these words have become a mantra for the Delbarton Alumni Association as we move forward from the celebration of the school’s 75th anniversary and toward our school’s bright future.

Reflecting on the Delbarton Alumni Association, we have come a long way…

In the past 20 years alone, we have grown from under 3,000 alumni with 10-15% active participation in the alumni annual fund to an organization with over 5,000 alumni members globally and in excess of 42% participation by alumni in the annual fund each year.

Here’s a recap of some of what we have accomplished…together:

  • The year kicked off with record attendance and record funds raised for the Delbarton School endowment at the 6th Annual Alumni Golf Classic at Somerset Hills in September
  • We saw attendance at the September Reps Dinner at the Madison Hotel near 100 alums at an event that typically draws 50-60
  • Rainy weather did not dampen the spirits of Delbarton Alumni as we hosted another successful Homecoming weekend and ushered alumni Chuck Reubling ’79 and Stefan Howells ’86 into the Alumni Hall of Honor
  • In October, with special thanks to John Ferramosca ‘05, the DAA organized our first Hoboken Blood Drive in response to the train accident that depleted the local blood banks; with over 70 participants, the largest ever held by the Red Cross in Hoboken
  • Under the guidance of Andrew Anselmi ’83, the DAA now organizes Alumni Vesper events which is an opportunity for Alums to participate in St. Mary’s Abbey vespers, to reflect and to congregate afterwards for refreshments with the monks
  • This spring, we held the 3rd annual Delbarton Alumni Shooting Classic to support the Abbot Giles P. Hayes ’56 Scholarship Fund – this newer event has raised nearly $250,000 for scholarship since 2015 from just 3 days of clay shooting and camaraderie
  • Thanks to Grant Hewit ’02, the Wave Connect franchise continues to grow as it connects Delbarton alumni from various fields including technology, sports, military and government…stay tuned for the next Wave Connect event to hit the calendar soon
  • In addition to these events, the Alumni reunion games for soccer, basketball, squash, wrestling, lacrosse and baseball have been revitalized and re-energized with an assist from Bob Farrell ’64 and John McEvoy ‘89
  • Taylor Price ’04 has led the newly conceived Quarterly Class Rep Conference Calls as a way to connect with Alumni brothers throughout the country and keep Class Reps close to what’s happening in the DAA…our next one will be next week!
  • Thanks to the leadership of Chris Bury ’91 and Peter Ramsey ’90, the Alumni Campaign Committee has drawn widespread participation from Alumni across many decades in raising over $2 million for the current “Can Do” Campaign to renovate Trinity Hall and grow the Delbarton School endowment – these efforts will continue to grow

This is tremendous to report!!! As class reps and devoted alumni, we have much to be proud of but we also have a lot of work still to do. And there is so much more I did not mention…

Looking ahead, your Delbarton Alumni Association has set the bar ever higher for the coming year. As we grow as an Alumni base, we recognize a huge untapped resource of willing Alumni in various fields -- men to whom Delbarton means a great deal and who wish to give back to their alma mater.

With this in mind, the Alumni Board is introducing a new Committee structure consisting of 7 sub-committees of the Alumni Board and each Chaired by Officers of the Alumni Board. These committees are:

Reunions and Events
Class Reps & the Annual Fund
Career & Networking
Mentorship of Current Students
Alumni Campaign
Alumni Regional Clubs
Community Service & Spiritual Life

Many of our fellow alumni have already been asked and have answered the call to serve on these committees next year. In September, we will host our first ever OPEN Alumni Board meeting in the Delbarton Arts Center inviting all Alumni to participate and welcoming the Committees to present their goals and ambitions for the year ahead. With this added Committee structure involving dozens of active and energetic alumni brothers, we continue to build our network into a powerful force for each other, for our community and for our school.


John Tonzola, President
Delbarton Alumni Association
June 7, 2017

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Association Board Members 2017-2018

John Tonzola ‘95

Vice President
Tim Fitzsimmons ‘95

Members at Large
Andrew Anselmi ‘83
Steve Block ‘71
Christopher Bury ‘91
Joe Colangelo ‘03
Mark DeLotto ‘98
Bob Farrell ‘64
John Ferramosca ‘05
Matthew Gilfillan ‘86
John Glynn ‘90
Grant Hewit ‘02
Fred Krom ‘03
John McEvoy ‘89
Jim Maguire ‘79
Taylor Price ‘04
Peter Ramsey ‘90

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Headmaster’s Award
1948 100.00%

Fr. Kenneth Mayer, OSB, Award
2008 97 donors

Alumni Achievement Award
1997 - 7 new donors

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’40s & ’50s 1948 100.00%
’60s 1964 53.33%
’70s 1979 45.07%
’80s 1989 60.47%
’90s 1995 56.44%
’00s 2008 85.84%
’10s 2016 61.86%

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