Technology Center

Delbarton Technology Mission Statement

In cooperation with the Delbarton learning community, the Technology Department endeavors to educate the whole person in:


    By supporting classroom goals, lesson intent, and professional development.

    By expanding the classroom beyond it’s physical walls, creating a learning space that is active and available 24/7-365, where students and teachers can communicate meaningfully and exchange ideas with those outside of Delbarton, and where they can gain access to a wide array of information and experience.

    By promoting moral behavior and relationships in an internet setting, by providing meaningful opportunities for students to demonstrate moral behavior online, by allowing students to leverage technology in a positive way.

One To One Laptop Program

Beginning in 2013, Delbarton introduced a 1:1 BYO laptop program. A laptop is now a mandatory component of every student's educational tool kit, just as textbooks, calculators, and pencils are now. The expectation is that the student will have his laptop available at all times should a teacher wish to incorporate technology into the curriculum.

The laptop will be purchased and maintained by individual students and families. Families who qualify for financial aid will be provided with a laptop for student use. For more information, please refer to the Financial Aid section of our website.

Note: The Technology Center cannot repair laptops.

All student laptops should:

  • Be PC or MAC, Windows 10/Sierra (or newer)
  • Be labeled with the student’s name
  • Have a protective sleeve or backpack
  • Have Wifi, Webcam, Ear Buds, Charger
  • Have the required software installed (See list below)


DelbarTech is an organization for students who are interested in computers and networking. The group is open to grades 7-12, and works closely with the school's technology center. Participating students will have opportunities to complete tech projects, work with school support personnel on school needs as well as special events, and grow their knowledge and experience with school technologies.

Technology Staff

John Costa

John Costa

Technology Director
Christian Zollers

Christian Zollers

Technology & Telephony
Rob Flynn

Rob Flynn

English Teacher, Technology Integration Specialist, Assistant Technical Director Theater, Lacrosse Coach, Football Coach
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