The Guidance program at Delbarton is structured with grade-specific counselors who guide the boys through their academic experience and who serve as the liaison between parents and teachers.

Guidance counselors meet with students individually to oversee their academic, personal, and social development; and in small groups and by grade level to discuss issues that pertain to the grade as a whole.  Counselors are aware of each student’s academic performance, co-curricular involvement, and learning style, thereby enabling the counselor to guide the student according to his individual strengths and weaknesses and to help him shape his academic future accordingly.

Grade-level teacher/guidance meetings are held three times a year, at the end of every mid-term. The purpose of these meetings is for teachers and guidance counselors to share information in order to provide support and assistance to the boys. Guidance counselors also facilitate communication between teachers and parents.

It is our belief at Delbarton that the entire faculty actually shares in the guidance program. Our teachers, moderators, and coaches are involved in the daily lives of the boys and therefore serve as role models, mentors, and advisors. It is the mission of all of us to develop young men who will become independent and responsible citizens and who will make a valuable contribution to our society.