Faculty/Staff Directory

  • Ms. Antoinette Aslanian

    Business Office, Administrative Assistant, Accounting Clerk
  • Mr. Robert Auletti

    Athletics, Football Coach, Bowling Coach, Lacrosse Coach
    Mathematics, Teacher
  • Mr. Philip Bauchan

    Campus Ministry
    Activities, Forensics Coach
    Religious Studies, Teacher
  • Mr. Michael Beach

    Physical Education, Department Chairperson, Teacher
    Athletics, Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Mr. Matt Beneszewski

    Athletics, Athletic Trainer
  • Ms. Emma Bernardo

    Business Office, Payroll & Benefits
  • Mr. David Blazier

    Music, Department Chairperson, Teacher
    Activities, Schola Director, Musical Drama Director, Ultimate Frisbee Moderator
    Music, Schola Director, Musical Drama Director
  • Mr. Drew Bodd

    Art, Technical Director Theater
  • Ms. Frances Bonalsky

    Science, Department Chairperson, Biology Teacher
    Activities, Consortium Moderator, Science League Coordinator
  • Mr. Brian Bowers

    History, Leadership Teacher
    Athletics, Head Football Coach
    Administration, Assistant Director of Athletics
    Skills Development, Teacher
    Athletics, Assistant Director of Athletics
  • Mr. Thomas Brady

    Activities, Economics Club Moderator
    History, Economics Teacher
    Mathematics, Teacher
    Athletics, Golf Coach, Basketball Coach
  • Ms. Angela Brown

    Campus Ministry
    Activities, Courier Moderator, Delta Moderator
    English, Teacher
  • Mr. Kevin Brown

    English, Teacher
    Campus Ministry
    Activities, Writing Center Director
    Athletics, Cross Country Coach
  • Ms. Rachel Carlson

    Classics, Teacher
    Activities, Drama
  • Mr. Michael Carr '01

    English, Teacher
    Art, Film Teacher
    Activities, Deanery Advisor, Film Club Moderator
    Athletics, Baseball Coach, Hockey Coach
  • Ms. Caroline Chamberlain

    Science, Teacher
    Activities, Middle School Robotics Moderator
    Athletics, Track Coach
  • Mr. Richard Cimino

    Activities, Middle School Mentors Director
    Athletics, Wrestling Coach
    Guidance, Middle School Guidance Counselor
    Science, Teacher
  • Rt. Rev. Brian Clarke O.S.B.

    English, Teacher
  • Paul Cocco

  • Mr. Christopher Cocozello

    Guidance, Sophomore Guidance Counselor
    Athletics, Baseball Coach, Basketball Coach
    History, Teacher
  • Mr. Derek Collins

    Mathematics, Teacher
    Athletics, Hockey Coach, Track Coach
  • Mr. Patrick Collins

  • Mr. Kevin Conn

    Activities, Social Justice Advisor, German Club Moderator
    Campus Ministry
    Language, German Teacher
    History, Teacher
  • Ms. Valerie Conroy

    Development, Administrative Assistant
  • Mr. Matthew Corica

    Music, Teacher
    Athletics, Lacrosse Coach
    Activities, Drama Director, Musical Theater Director
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