College Counseling

The junior and senior class counselors provide guidance for admission to college. This process generally begins in the late fall of the junior year when each boy meets with his counselor to help the boy clarify his goals and interests.

During the ensuing months, the counselor meets with the boy and his parents to define realistic expectations and specific objectives. Throughout, parents are informed and involved, and every effort is made to direct each boy toward a college that will challenge his abilities and satisfy his interests.

With rare exceptions, all of the School’s graduates immediately enter four-year colleges.

Test Dates, Spring, 2015                                                                                  

SAT Dates
March 14th
May 2nd
June 6th

ACT Dates
February 7th
April 18th
June 13th


Mr. Michael Rosenhaus '80
Guidance, Director of College Counseling
973-538-3231 X3012

Abbot Giles Hayes, O.S.B. '56
Guidance, College Counseling

Mr. Sean Flanagan
Guidance, College counseling

Mrs. Kelly Gleason
Guidance, Junior Counselor