The School

How do we say Delbarton?  Together

Challenge your brain. Push your body. Draw, act, write. Be bold, be inspired. Be exactly who you are only better. Don’t do just one thing. Do it all. And be among friends, for these are your brothers. Treasure your time here because this is not just another pretty place. This is an experience...The Delbarton Experience.

The Campus

Delbarton’s majestic campus is set on rolling hills in the heart of western New Jersey was named for the vacation estate of Luther Kountze. The 200 acre property is located in Morris Township, three miles west of the historic Morristown Green and thirty miles west of New York City. The School’s four academic buildings line the perimeter of our formal garden and include a 24,000 square foot science pavilion, 36,000 square foot Fine Arts Center, 4 science labs, 6 computer labs, 1 language lab and 25,000 volume library. 

Our Motto

The Delbarton School motto Succisa Virescit* is translated "Cut down, it grows up strong again" and was chosen to convey the value and importance of perseverance. Succisa Virescit is also the ancient motto to Montecassino, cele-brated monastery where St. Benedict wrote his Rule. This venerable abbey, destroyed by the Lombards in 580, rebuilt by Abbot Petronaux and destroyed again by the Saracens in 884, has a constant history of destruction even up to our own time when it was obliterated by the Allies in World War II .  

chee sa Vir esh it!"