Delbarton School, an independent Roman Catholic learning community conducted by the Benedictine monks of St. Mary’s Abbey with their lay colleagues, welcomes young men in grades 7-12 from diverse backgrounds to pursue excellence, to develop leadership, and to build character by educating the whole person; mind, body and spirit.

Delbarton School is founded on the 1500-year tradition of Benedictine learning which, based on the fundamental values that spring from the Judeo-Christian tradition, seeks to develop the whole person, both as an individual creature of spirit, mind, and body, and as a member of a community.

As a Benedictine Abbey School, Delbarton considers its immediate purpose the education of young men, understood in larger than purely academic terms. The School invites young men to explore all their experiences in a context in which Gospel values are lived with conviction. The School, therefore, seeks to create a positive environment in which personal and religious affirmation can be made.

The School believes that the individual is capable of developing life-long habits of intellectual renewal, of receptivity to spiritual renewal, and of willingness to contribute to the renewal of society. We also believe that individual renewal is enhanced by experiencing the sense of belonging to a community whose members are disposed at once to speak and to listen, a community which honors diversity of persons and the spirit of openness, collaboration and mutual understanding. These qualities which are honored in the School are cultivated by our recognition that essential meanings are disclosed through the patient practice of conversation—both inside and outside the classroom, both formal and informal, not only between teacher and student but also between teacher and teacher as well as student and student. Moreover, these values are cultivated by our recognition that we are participants in the continuing conversation that constitutes our inherited tradition, and so we are constantly striving to improve our precision in thinking, listening, reading, speaking, and writing, and to enliven our imagination to experience and to create.