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Course pre-registration 2016-2017:

Dear Parents,

The time is fast approaching for your son to pre-register for next year's courses. The online website for course selection will open on at 10am on Tuesday, January 26th (for 7th, 8th, & 10th graders), 10 am on Wednesday, January 27th (for 9th, & 11th graders), and remain open until 10:30am on Friday, February 5th.

Your son will soon have a class-wide session on how the process will work, on the following dates:

Tuesday, January 26th :

7th and 8th graders will meet in the library

10th graders will meet in the FAC

Wednesday, January 27th:

9th graders will meet in the FAC

11th graders will meet in the library


Summary of Instructions for Registration:

Begin by assembling:

· a list of the classes that you intend to choose

· your username, which is Lastname_FirstInitial [example: Smith_K]

· your password, which is the same one you use to view report cards online. When you are ready, click here to log in to the pre-registration website. (This link will also be available on the school website, under QuickLinks.)

When you hit "Enter", you will be taken to a portal page with an icon the left labeled "Class Registration". Click the icon and you will be taken to the actual page where you will make your choices.

Some courses may be pre-selected for you, but you will make other choices by clicking on the pencil icon and choosing from a drop down list in each subject area. Be careful never to choose the same course twice. Base your choices on the Delbarton Program of Studies and recommendations from your Guidance Counselor. Continue until all of the red exclamation points !! have become green checkmarks .

Clicking the "Submit" button will send your choices to us. You can always edit the choices on this page until Registration closes at 10:30am on Friday, February 5th.

The appropriateness of your choices will be reviewed by your Guidance Counselor and the Department Chairpersons, and a confirmation of placement will be posted online in mid-March.

Remember that registration for a course doesn't guarantee placement (acceptance), nor does it guarantee that you will actually get into (scheduled for) the course.

Jonathan Cote
Delbarton School
T: (973) 538-3231 x3034